Yankton County Code Of Conduct

At Tuesday night’s meeting, members of the Yankton County Commission adopted a code of conduct to regulate the behavior of county employees, department heads, task force members and the commissioners themselves.

Chairman Cheri Loest says adopting the code of conduct makes public the commission’s stance on unacceptable behavior.

Recently, emails were sent to Loest along with States Attorney Rob Klimisch and Governor Kristi Noem by Commissioner Gary Swensen containing graphic images and unfounded accusations.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Swensen accused other members of the board of quote-hating him-end quote and Loest says if she had conducted herself in that manner in a private business setting she would be without a job.

Loest says public officials should expect to be held to a higher standard.

The code of conduct adopted last night was taken from a similar document in use in Pennington County.