Mission Hill North Township Vote

The Mission Hill Township special election late last month on a petition requesting the township revert to disorganized status was defeated by five votes, but during the election, sixteen residents were not allowed to cast ballots.

Following an investigation, the Yankton County Auditors office found four of those voters had not registered prior to the election with the remaining twelve having been inadvertently left off from the voter list.

Yankton County Commissioner Cherie Loest says after contacting both the South Dakota Association of Towns and Townships and the Secretary of State’s Office she learned that such elections are so rare, no one was able to provide guidance on how to remedy the situation.

Loest says the Secretary of State’s Office said they will develop some guidelines that can be followed in the future.

Yankton County States Attorney Rob Klimisch has said that the only option for the voters who were not allowed to cast ballots is to challenge the election in court.