Taylor Swift reportedly looking to spend $30 million on a London home for herself and Joe

Valheria RochaNow that Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn‘s relationship appears to be super, super serious — like, “headed down the aisle at some point” serious — it’s time for the couple to settle down in a house that will suit their superstar lifestyles.

The New York Post has learned that Taylor is looking to purchase a house in Joe’s hometown of London, England, and her budget is a whopping $30 million.  A source close to Taylor told The Post, “Taylor is looking for a grand home in London with two kitchens, so she and Joe can live in privacy and entertain properly.”

“They’ve been splitting their time between London and Nashville — and she keeps sending her jet for him so they can be together,” dishes the source. “She has three private jets and even her own hangar.”

“This is just another sign of how close they are,” the source added. “She’s the happiest she’s ever been.”

Of course, all you need to do is listen to Taylor’s song “Lover” to understand that.

“I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, but I want ’em all,” she sings. “Can I go where you go?/Can we always be this close forever and ever?”

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