Lake Andes Flooding

The five-month flooding of a housing development outside Lakes Andes has caused numerous problems for the more than sixty families who reside there and has caused tribal officials to question the lack of response from South Dakota state government.

Along with making travel difficult by closing Highway 50/281 east of Lake Andes, the flooding has made many homes uninhabitable due to concerns regarding black mold and other health issues.

Yankton Sioux Tribe Chairman Robert Flying Hawk says state government has been slow to respond.

Flying Hawk says repairs to the highway are underway but work needs to be done to drain the excess water and return the homes to a livable condition.

In a written statement, Yankton Sioux Tribal officials say the flooding at Lake Andes is caused by the negligence of the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department to maintain a culvert that replaced the natural waterway from Lake Andes into the Missouri.