FLETCHER says debut EP is like “a page ripped from my diary”

Joe PerriFLETCHER is ready to give fans a glimpse into her diary — musically — with her debut EP, you ruined new york city for me.

The five-track collection, out today, chronicles the New Jersey native’s story of moving to New York, falling in love and experiencing heartbreak. It includes her breakout hit “Undrunk,” as well as the previously released “If You’re Gonna Lie” and “About You.” It will also feature two new tracks: “All Love” and “Strangers.”

“All of this music really just feels like a page ripped from my diary and it’s the most heart-on-my-sleeve, real, vulnerable, kind of crazy thing that I went through,” FLETCHER tells ABC Radio. “Each song is just a moment in time and a specific feeling I felt throughout the emotional roller coaster of a heartbreak.”

The singer says she hopes that being “unapologetically herself” and sharing her specific experiences through music will connect with people on a broader level.

“I just wanna represent what it means to be a female in 2019 and represent our stories and what we go through in a really honest, authentic way,” she explains. 

FLETCHER will kick off her first headlining tour on September 3 at Velvet Underground in Toronto. Tickets are on sale now.

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