Double Popsicles are back…thanks to Justin Bieber?

gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC ImagesIn June, fast food chain Wendy’s brought its spicy chicken nuggets back, in part thanks to Chance the Rapper’s viral tweet in May in which he said he was literally praying for their return.  Now, Popsicle is bringing back its classic “double” configuration…in part, thanks to a tweet from Justin Bieber.

Back in May, Justin tweeted, “Talking with @scooterbraun and we just realized we can’t find double stick popsicles!! This is crazy. @Popsicle we need those back!”

Popsicle replied to Justin’s tweet, saying, “We can’t Belieb you’re a fan. We’ll see what we can do for you and @scooterbraun. Who else misses our original Double Pop?”

This week, Popsicle has revealed that Double Pops are back, in a limited quantity — but the company says it will bring them back for good if its tweet gets 100,000 retweets.

“Hey @justinbieber – you asked where are the @Popsicle Double Pops? Well, you better belieb we made a special batch just for you and @scooterbraun!” read the tweet. “They’re coming in hot… well, cold actually, because you know… Popsicle!”

Another tweet continued, “A limited batch has landed – but for 100K retweets we’ll bring back the Double Pop fun for everyone. Who’s in? RT this tweet & we’ll alert you on 7/23 with the results. #BringBackTheDouble.”

According to the New York Times, Twin Stick Popsicles were introduced during the Great Depression, but were discontinued in 1986 because evidently, moms thought they were  “messy” and were “just tired of cleaning up.”

Of course, this entire Popsicle Twitter exchange could very well have been a viral marketing stunt in which Justin was paid to participate — but we prefer to believe that he just really wanted some icy summer treats.

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