Rob Thomas offering live CDs from his upcoming tour for pre-order now

Randall SlavinForget about those days when you used to have to smuggle a tape recorder into a concert by your favorite singer: On his upcoming tour, Rob Thomas is making things super-easy for you.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for “instant” CDs and digital downloads of recordings of every show on Rob’s upcoming Chip Tooth Tour, which kicks off May 28 in Red Bank, NJ. 

The limited-edition numbered CD sets can be pre-ordered based on which specific concert you want; you can either pick up your CD at the concert or have it mailed to you. Digital downloads are also available for pre-order.

If you’re going with the CD option, be aware that only 500 will be offered for each show, so if you want to make sure you get the one you want, pre-ordering is the best option.

Rob’s tour is in support of his new album Chip Tooth Smile, which features the single “One Less Day (Dying Young).”

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