“Shallow” co-writer Mark Ronson on Lady Gaga: “She’s the master chef…we’re all just holding up celery”

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & ChandonSuper-producer Mark Ronson worked with Adele and Amy Winehouse and scored a massive hit with his Bruno Mars collaboration, “Uptown Funk.”  Now he’s got another hit — and a Golden Globe — thanks to “Shallow,” the song he co-wrote with Lady Gaga for A Star is Born.  But according to Mark, it’s Gaga who calls the shots, and others are just there to do her bidding.

Backstage at the Golden Globes, Mark was asked about writing songs with Gaga.  He told reporters, “When you’re working with this sort of — I hesitate to use the word ‘genius’ — but every time we got in a room, she starts with an idea and all you do is sort of, like, strap [in].”

He laughed, “It’s like she’s the master chef, and we’re all just, like, holding up celery, [saying], “You like this? You like this? You like this?”

But Mark also said that “Shallow” is so effective because he, Gaga and the other two writers are so close.

“We all really care about each other and put a shared experience of some pain and each other’s suffering [in the song],” he explained. “We were willing to go to a vulnerable place for this song and in the film…you feel that — I hope.”

As for Gaga herself, she said she and her co-writers took their cues from the movie’s screenplay, co-written by director Bradley Cooper.

“We worked hand-in-hand with Bradley to create something for him that would be sufficient for the story, something that would move it forward,” Gaga explained. “‘Shallow’ is really the moment in the film when [Ally and Jackson’s] love begins to truly blossom.”

We’ll find out January 22 if “Shallow” is nominated for an Oscar.

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