Mike Posner’s new album “A Real Good Kid” is about finding “the beauty and the peace” in suffering

Island RecordsMusic helps people get through hard times, and that’s certainly true for Mike Posner. He says making his new album A Real Good Kid helped him deal with personal loss and allowed him to “transform” his “suffering into something beautiful.”

A Real Good Kid was inspired by the emotional roller coaster Mike’s been on for the past three years. He’s had great career success, but he also lost his father and his friend Avicii, and split with his girlfriend.

Asked to describe what the album’s about, Mike tells ABC Radio, “Being on this high — ‘Took a Pill in Ibiza’ is the biggest, y’know, top 10 song in Spotify history — and getting a call that your dad has a tumor the size of a tangerine in his head.”

“Moving to Detroit, helping him die, moving back to L.A., falling in love, that relationship ending — and then trying to find the beauty and the peace that’s inside all of that — that’s what it’s about,” he adds.

But luckily, Mike had music to see him through.

“I think we all have anger and sadness and loneliness at times, and music is a good place to express that,” he explains. “My good friend…says ‘art is alchemy’….You’re attempting to transform your suffering into something beautiful.”

Mike also dealt with his loss by putting his stuff in storage and living in his van for several months.

“When you have the million-dollar house and everyone that you hang out with works for you, and you have the fancy car, that is a departure from reality. That is a retreat,” he tells ABC Radio. “And so I wanted to not be in retreat. I wanted to be in reality.” 

Mike will get another dose of reality starting March 1, when he starts walking across America.

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