Alessia Cara’s first NYC gig was every artist’s worst nightmare

Lloyd Bishop/NBCAlessia Cara was Seth Meyers‘ musical guest on NBC’s Late Night Tuesday, and during a sit-down with Meyers, she talked about the first time she performed in New York City — to a less than packed house.

“I was super excited, I got all dressed up, I curled my hair, I thought…it was gonna be great and then two people showed up — literally two people,” Alessia recalled. “So my dad was like trying to comfort me, he was like, ‘It’s okay, we’ll push it back like an hour, wait like maybe people are just filing in.’ And nobody came. So I performed for two people.”

Things got a little better for the Canadian singer-songwriter her next time out.  “The next show after that was a little bit better,” she said.  “I played my songs that I actually released, like ‘Here’ and ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ before they were released and I made 30 bucks.”

Alessia’s 2015 debut album, Know-It-All, released when she was just 19 years old, went platinum and earned her a Grammy for Best New Artist, but her pop star status hasn’t changed anything in her parents’ minds.

“I’m from like a really weird Italian family, so I feel like that rule doesn’t apply,” she said. “I’m just being the daughter that’s too loud upstairs…Nothing has changed.”

“But I like that,” she added.

Later, Cara performed “Out of Love,” from her second and latest album, The Pains of Growing, released in November. It was written for a friend who was going through a breakup, to help him try and win back his girlfriend.

“They were breaking up and it was over and he played her the song once it was done and now they’re back together,” Alessia bragged.

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