Mark Ronson admits he was starstruck by Bradley Cooper, Miley Cyrus

RCA RecordsAs a Grammy-winning producer who’s worked with Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse and Adele, you wouldn’t think that Mark Ronson would be easily impressed, but he says working with Lady Gaga on the soundtrack for A Star Is Born brought him into the orbit of someone whose stardom he couldn’t ignore.

Speaking to Billboard, Mark says, “I’m a big fan of Bradley Cooper…the first time he came into the studio, I was a little starstruck. I feel weird saying that because we’re kind of friendly, but he does like…glow. I don’t know what it is.”

“Bradley Cooper is also one of those special actors that all dudes like because it doesn’t matter that he’s impossibly handsome and all that s**t, because there’s no vanity to him and he just seems like a guy that you want to hang out with,” Mark adds.

Mark says he also felt a little intimidated by Miley Cyrus, his collaborator on the new single “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” but he was able to put those feelings aside while working with her.

“[She’s] so down-to-earth,” he explains. “I sometimes forget — the same thing when I was working with Gaga — that like, ‘Oh my God, this person has 75 million followers on Instagram and can tweet one thing, and 300 people would go get a tattoo.'”

“Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” will appear on Mark’s upcoming album, Late Night Feelings, which is due next year. Meanwhile, he’s nominated for a Golden Globe and two Grammys for the A Star Is Born hit “Shallow” and an additional Grammy for his Dua Lipa collabo, “Electricity,” which he recorded with Diplo under the name Silk City.

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