John Krasinski explains why “A Quiet Place” is “most personal movie” he’s ever made

ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) — John Krasinski is starring opposite his wife, Emily Blunt, in a new supernatural thriller, A Quiet Place.

“The premise is about a family who can’t make any noise, otherwise horrible creatures come out of the woods and kill you,” Krasinski said Monday on Good Morning America. “It’s that simple, guys.”

He continued, “It’s not a silent film, but it’s very quiet and my favorite compliment of audiences coming in is that they ordered popcorn and drinks and candy and then the whole time, just froze and couldn’t make any sound.”

Krasinski, who also directed A Quiet Place, said horror is something that’s brand-new to him.

“I was a scaredy cat,” he admitted. “I remember when they presented me with the script, they said, ‘Would you ever be in this movie, just as an actor at first?’ I said, ‘No I don’t do horror movies.’ And then they pitched me that one-liner, that a family can’t make noise and you have to figure out why and I thought, ‘That’s a really good one-liner.'”

Krasinski said he read the script after his wife had given birth to their second daughter. Despite its terrifying premise, he was drawn to the film’s core themes of family.

“[I]t’s funny because, yes, it’s very scary and I love people are saying that, but to me this is a movie about family, protecting your family, what would you really do?,” Krasinski explained. “To me, this is honestly the most personal movie I’ve ever made. It sounds crazy watching those clips and looking at the poster, but this is a love letter to my kids.”

A Quiet Place is in theaters Friday.

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